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myPassWorld is a unique login system which does not require a password or any thing to memorize. Our security is beyond billions times billions stronger against cyber attacks than the traditional username/password login system.

With myPassWorld the user must solve a puzzle to gain access to their accounts. The rules to solve the puzzle never change therefore eliminates the frustration of a different password for every internet account. is a service to be used for all accounts for a lifetime of protection against Identity Theft.

Our system is centered around images and a person's likes and dislikes. The user simply identifies the images they prefer to gain access.

Security: is billions times billions stronger than traditional bank passwords.

Let me prove it:

There are 16,889,161,502,720 possible traditional passwords a hacker has to try to gain access to any bank account.

There are 12,625,662,281,293,700,000,000,000,000,000,000,
000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 possible solutions to the myPassWorld login.

FOR MORE SECURITY DETAILS: Discuss on our blog

Numbers represent digits in odds of brute force attacks.

Your Account:
User then enters personal information and instructs mPW as to which 3rd-party accounts on the internet they wish to access through their mPW system.

This setup depends on the type of 3rd-party account:

A) Partnered 3rd-party site account:
Partnered accounts refers to the 3rd-party websites that have partnered with myPassWorld. These sites benefit from the security strength of mPW, because they have replaced (or are overlapping) their username/password with the myPassWorld system. Users can conveniently one-click to these 3rd-party accounts from their main myPassWorld account - shown in screenshot to the right.

B) Non-partnered 3rd-party site account:
Non-partnered accounts refers to the 3rd-party websites that have not partnered with myPassWorld. These sites do benefit also from the security strength of myPassWorld, but the strength of your security is still determined by the weaker security of the non-partnered website's traditional login system (until they partner with myPassWorld).

Since these sites also use their own tradional password system, the user will save their username/password into mPW, so that our users can conveniently one-click to these 3rd-party accounts from their main myPassWorld account - shown in screenshot to the right.

Also a user can store private notes and personal information with permission-based settings to make it easy to sign up for addtional 3rd-party websites.

(example of daniel's accounts page)
I. Ease Of Use
1) NO MEMORY REQUIRED!! Relying on memory is the problem with traditional password systems. myPassWorld is designed to find the images in which a user will consistently prefer over other images.

2) Single access-point for all user's internet accounts. Once a user solves the puzzles, they can be 1-click away from any (or all) of their internet accounts. Additional puzzles for additional security can, optionally, be applied to any (or all) of these accounts.

3) Keep for life. One-time subscription for life. Your single access-point gives the user ability to change their bank, email address, and other internet site accounts while still using the same puzzle system to gain access from anywhere connected to the internet.

4) Rule set(directions) for user never change. The method of solving each puzzle is always the same, though the answer will be different. This is far less frustrating than the need for a different number and combination of characters for each website with a traditional password system.

II. Swift Action Recourse If Breached
5) Upon breach, a halt button freezes all partnered accounts immediately. This feature is extremely powerful in the event a user has been breached. The user can take action to immediately stop further access from intruder to all partnered accounts. Upon review, the program can learn from the breach. As opposed to a spyware breach of traditional passwords would require a time consuming reset of each account especially if the attacker changes your eMail password.

6) This biometric test can be replaced. It is possible, though rare, a user's complete set of trained images are compromised by a witness over time. These images can be completely replaced and new images trained. This is a huge advantage over other biometrics such as finger prints, retina scans, or DNS test which a user can't replace.

7) Upgrade service for use of our call/video center for additional user verification in the case of account arbitration.

8) Upon death resolution. Entrance can't be shared (we follow instructions as per user).

III. Built In Protection
9) No password to give away purposely or by accident. Traditional password systems are often breached by the user being tricked into divulging their password to fake websites or email tricks. Sometimes the trust of a friend can change. myPassWorld does not use a password. Though possible, it would be a chore to produce a complete list of current image preferences.

10) Ideal security for shared devices. Shared computers or connections (travel, work, library, family, or friends) can be a risk for passwords (potential to be forgotten, accidentally saved in browser, or captured by spyware). myPassWorld is a convenient way for users to be secure and a guarantee to get into all their accounts.

11) User never get locked out of their account. Since there is no password to change, an attacker can not change your password to lock you out of your accounts. Most importantly, myPassWorld eliminates the risk of eMail takeover allowing hackers to reset all other passwords.

12) Faster than email reset (eMail resets are NEVER secure).

13) Eliminates threat of key-stroke spyware (no keystrokes required to solve myPassWorld puzzle).

14) User-defined security options. Users can increase number of puzzles for additional security on any (or all) 3rd-party accounts.

15) Notifies user of attacks. myPassWorld tracks every attempt to access a users account and then notifies users. This will help each user decide the level of security they require.

16) 1e+80 times more permutations to attempt in Brute Force attack. "billions times billions times more secure."

17) As user increases images to their pool, the odds against a security breach also increase.

18) Hacks can not learn enough from bad attempts.

19) Someone watching you or friends can not learn enough to gain access the next puzzle.

20) System learns what is most known about user and removes value from repeat attempts.

21) Safeguards against laptop/iPad stolen with all passwords stored (storing passwords are NEVER secure).
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